Chouconut: great place for a coffee date with your friends

I have a major sweet tooth. That’s why I was disappointed when I found out that one of my favourite cupcake shops in Brussels, Merrily’s, closed down a while back. The universe was kind enough however to bring a new favourite spot of mine at this place: Chouconut! And to make things better, it’s also open on Sundays.

Baptiste Mandon and Giovanni Malecot, the two talented pastry chefs behind Chouconut, studied together in France and then set off to discover the secrets of pastry-making around the world next to renowned chefs, like Paul Bocuse and Alain Ducasse. After working together for some time at the magnificent Chalet de la Forêt, Baptiste and Giovanni decided to create something together and this is how Chouconut was born.

Why this name you may ask? It’s actually a hint of the main treats you can find here: choux, cookies and donuts. A selected number of sweets done right using as much as possible locally sourced ingredients. In addition you’ll find homemade jams, freshly baked brioche and gluten-free biscuits. I don’t think I need to tell you how pretty and colorful everything looks – a picture is worth a thousand words! Apart from the great presentation, the choux taste incredibly good too: slightly crispy on the outside and filled with a rich cream full of flavour. The salted butter caramel ones are dangerously good – I actually had to stop myself from buying the lot. Instead I made myself comfortable at the bright tearoom upstairs and enjoyed my latte, which was also really delicious.

Chouconut is a great place for a coffee date with your friends, your better half or anyone with a sweet tooth really. You’ll find it right next to APDM and close to the Parvis of Saint-Gilles where Chana and Cipiace are.