Each week up to 200 m3 of waste is collected in Brussels’ parks: 7 tips for a zero waste picnic

Each week, between 100 and 200 m3 of waste is collected in the parks of the City of Brussels. With a simple habit change that number can easily be reduced. From now on, think of ‘zero waste’ if you feel like having a picnic, avoid disposable packaging and enjoy a waste-free park. Here are 7 tips for a picnic without waste.


1. Prepare your picnic at home and avoid disposable packaging

Sandwiches and salads from the store are often packed in disposable packaging. The advantage of home-made salads, sandwiches, cakes,… is that you choose how you package them.

2. Bring reusable glasses, plates and cutlery

Provide reusable glasses, plates and cutlery for your picnic. They are a lot more environmentally friendly than the disposable variants that end up in the garbage can, along with your money. Don’t forget to bring a bag or basket to take the dirty dishes with you afterwards.

3. Use a water bottle

Bye bye plastic bottles and cans, hello water bottle for your favorite beverage (or thermos for your coffee or tea). You can find them in all sizes, colors and materials. Did you know that there are even thermos that can keep your drink hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours?

4. Choose reusable packaging

There are a lot of options for transporting your food: from storage boxes in all sizes to lunch skins (reusable sandwich bags) and ‘bee’s wrap’. The latter is a sustainable and organic alternative to household and aluminum foil, made from organic cotton with beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil. And you can also easily make it yourself!

5. Consider cloth napkins

Don’t forget your fabric napkins. These form a sustainable alternative to paper napkins or household rolls. You can also use them to wrap your sandwiches or cake.

6. Transport everything in a cooler bag, shopping bag or basket

Easy and ecological: everything goes in a handy cooler bag, shopping bag or basket.

7. Do you encounter lost waste? Throw it in the garbage can

After your picnic, take a look around to see if you have forgotten anything. Does your eye still notice a lost piece of waste? Then throw it in the nearest trash can, even if it’s not yours. The park will be grateful to you.