Expats financial affairs: how to settle down in Brussels

Moving to a new country may often be stressful, since you have to figure out many basic details, before you can start enjoying your stay and discovering the city around you. Among these details, there are the formal, legal and financial ones, that may take quite some time, especially if you don’t speak the local language and you don’t know to whom ask for information.

If you are an expat, you just moved to Brussels and you are wondering how to address the above-mentioned issues, you should take a look at the Expat Financial Affair event, organized by the British Chamber of Commerce and BNP Paribas Fortis in Belgium on the 10th of October. The organization is a non-profit institution which aim is to work as an international network and business facilitator in Europe. It wants to support people’s business and goals, in particular, facilitating the engagement with European Union and Regulatory issues; supporting business development; supporting International Trade and Investment; providing British Chamber Business Services and hosting Brussels New Generation – the network for young professionals in Brussels.

The event offers basic -although essential- advice in English on how to take care of your finances as an expat in Belgium. It will give the participants the opportunity of meeting with expert partners and fellow expats, to share opinions and experiences and to receive a proper welcome and introduction to life in Brussels.

The Expat Financial Affairs will host informative and interactive presentations, an exhibition fair and a networking event over food and drinks. The sessions will explore the topics of trends and taxes in the Belgian housing market; expats cross-borders relationships in Belgium; financing a future residence; how to successfully start a start-up; how to calculate retirement and, last but not least, it will offer general information on pension. For instance, if you are interested in developing successfully your own start-up, check the related workshop and discover more on how to find an active partner, a community, a knowledge center, a facilitator and a connector, indispensable elements to achieve your objective. The talk will explain how to use innovation hubs and how to expand your network, find the financing resources and contacts you need to succeed.

It will be a great opportunity to find easily and practically your way around in the Belgian burocracy and in the financial world, meeting new people and sharing your experiences!