Discovering veganism

Being vegan is quite ambivalent in Brussels. Although the Belgian food is really focused on animal proteins (with a lot of meat), it is however quite easy to find restaurants where you can eat vegan dishes, as many alternative places have been set up for years now. Nonetheless, discovering many different tastes and shades of vegan food could be still a bit difficult, as well as purchasing vegan clothes.

If you are vegetarian, vegan or if you only aim to reduce the amount of products of animal origin you are used to eating and consuming, you definitely should have a look at the Vegan Summer Fest 2017, that will take place in Gent on 20 August.

Vegan Summer Fest 2017 teaser

Vegan Summer Fest 2017: nog minder dan 3 weken!Nodig vrienden, familie en buren uit!Like, deel en vergeet je niet op "aanwezig" te zetten!

Publié par BE Vegan sur lundi 31 juillet 2017

All day long, ArtCube will transform into a massive vegan room. You will have the opportunity to taste vegan snacks, purchase some vegan products to take back home or attend some conferences on veganism. Food trucks will be there and vegan clothes will be sold. The event is about teaching why veganism could be an effective and healthy way of living; it also aims at showing you all the vegan products you can consume instead of the animal-based ones.

The Vegan Summer Fest 2017 is free of charge and is expecting more than 3,000 visitors. If you’re curious about the vegan life-style and you’d like to discover more about it, or if you already are vegan and you’d like to check out new products, that’s the place to be!