Indian Food Festival

Going to a proper restaurant is quite nice. You are greeted at the door, are allocated to a table and then you can sit down and study the menu. You wait for your food, you enjoy it alone or with your chosen company, pay and then leave.

But sometimes it’s nice to enjoy food in a more relaxed, informal way. Where you can sit at one table for your starter, pick up your main dish at another stand and sit down at another table with a bunch of people you’ve never seen before. That’s what happened to me this weekend, when I decided to visit the Indian Food Festival, attended by the Indian ambassador herself!

indian festival

The motto of the food stands at the festival was to prepare the food as their mom’s would’ve cooked them, but slightly different. The choice was huge, from restaurants offering chicken Tikka Masala, different curries and stews served with rice or homemade Naan bread, to little stands, where you could buy homemade fried shrimps and Pakora (different veggies fried in a batter with Indian spices).

After I had chosen Pakoras, fried shrimps and potatoes as a starter and a spicy chicken stew as main, I sat down at one of the many benches, dug my fork into the food and enjoyed the Indian music and dance performances that were going on at the stage…