Festival Compostela: The Spanish spirit in Brussels

As Brussels enters the summer the warm days are coming with it, however, the hot days are set to get hotter as Spanish fever once again sweeps the city for a whole weekend on the 2nd and 3rd of June. The ‘Centro Galego de Bruxelas’ is organizing the ‘Compostela Festival’ to promote the “Santiago de Compostela Way” in Brussels through culture, folklore and Spanish music.

This free festival will have a range of events that span throughout various places in the city. Events on offer include:


Festival Compostela

Get your hips swing and your feet tapping along with a live flamenco performance and accompanying band


Festival Compostela

Three great bands all varying in style and performance will come for the festival to show a mix of old new music from Spain


Festival Compostela

People dressed as if right from a surreal story book will be parading the streets of Brussels in full colorful dress to light up  areas

Good to know:

    10:30 Welcome, mass and blessing of the pilgrims at ND Bon Secours church
    11:30 St. James procession and folklore parade in the center of Brussels from the ND Bon Secours church to the ND de la Chapelle church, passing by the Grand Place, Manneken Pis, until the Place du Beguinage.


    12: 00- 20:00 Stand of regional specialties from Spain and elsewhere.
    15: 00-18: 00 Presentation of Spanish and Belgian folk dances.
    15:00 -17: 00 Roel Jacobs Historical Conference


    20:00 Concert Carles Belda & Joan Garriga (CAT)
    21:00 Introduction to folk dances Frisse Folk
    22:00 Ball Folk – Concert Elanor (BE)
    23:30 Concert Radio Cos (GA)
    01:00 Queimada (Magic Potion) and Foliada (Jam Session)