Fête du Pain – Festival of Breads 2018

May 5th – as part of the open day of three neighbouring European institutions – will present the 6th edition of the Feast of the Breads, or rather, its more elegant French name, Fête du Pain. This whole celebration is organised around the staple food of Europe and will have artisan bakers from all over the continent representing its rich diversity through various doughy goods.


The centre of the Schuman roundabout will be home to this unique cultural exchange where visitors will be able to taste and buy bakery specialities from all over Europe: special breads, sandwiches, spit cakes, pizzas, etc.

Accompanying products will also be present to enhance this staple food, such as hams, sausages, cheeses, oils, wines, truffles, vegetables, and various tapenades.

Additional entertainment in the form of workshops or live music is scheduled to be available.