First vegan fast-food restaurant in Belgium will open its doors in Brussels

Veg’ger, a fast-food 100% vegan will soon open in Saint Gilles. It will be the first Vegan fast-food restaurant in Belgium.

The creators of Veg’ger, Chanez Hassani and Mohamed El Moutaki, tried to reduce their consumption of meat (the production of a kilo of beef requires 13,500 liters of water) without depriving themselves of the flavor they were used to. They had the idea to create a fast-food 100% vegan.


Photo by Carles Rabada


They are trying to find a balance between fast food and a gourmet hamburger: vegetable meat made from soya.

The restaurant is not yet open but imminent news of its inauguration can be found on Veg’ger’s social media page