Fries before Guys – Bintje shows you why

There’s two kind of people; those who prefer the thicker fries, those that are still soft and potato-y in the middle but have a nicely golden brown fried crust, and those who prefer the rather French kind of fries; thinner and just perfectly crispy, but not too much, sometimes a bit wobbly, but the good kind. The second one is what you can find at Bintje.

Bintje is a simple, fancy “fast food” restaurant, with a very nice and light interior, a lot of wooden details plants and beer. Yes, they have a fairly big selection of different local and artisan beers, which aren’t super cheap but definitely super tasty.

I went to Bintje on one of the 340 rainy days in Belgium for a small afternoon snack, before cooking a nice lamb shoulder with mint sauce at my place in the evening. The order was simple: 1 portion of fries with their homemade ketchup, a halloumi burger and of course, their pulled pork burger. Oh?! No, no, not just for myself, we were three people. The fries were indeed very delicious and along with the incredibly tasty tomato ketchup a definite match. The burgers were overall delicious, served in brioche buns (a favourite of mine!!). The halloumi burger was crispy but still gooey with peppers and a delicious sauce, the pulled pork one with red cabbage was also good, but could’ve been a bit juicier with a bit more sauce.


The place is perfect for a quick lunch, snack or whenever you’re craving a good portion of fries and a nice burger.

Good to know:

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  • Rue Simonis 62, 1050 – Brussels
  • Price: around 7-8€ for a burger and 4€ for fries