Getting rid of domestic waste in Ixelles

Domestic waste has always been a big deal. Where should you put your old table or your broken wheel? Ixelles set up a new calendar of the mobile collection site.

Sorting waste out has been being a significant concern in Brussels over the last months. It was firstly about understanding how the orange plastic bags work. It seems it has been going fine with most of the Brusselians, as these bags have been being very successful so far. Dustmen were then on strike, and it made the Brussels streets a bit inconvenient for few days.

These issues have been solved, fine. But you are probably full of waste at home, and you do not know what to do with them. Or maybe you are moving soon and you need to get rid of some chairs and mirrors. Should you live in Ixelles, good news! The city council has indeed recently distributed in your mail box new calendars and notices to sort them out over the coming weeks.

From April to September, you will therefore have several opportunities to throw your stuff away, instead of only letting them in front of your neighbour’s door, waiting for someone to take your old TV. The mobile collection site will then go through Ixelles (it has actually started yesterday in Rue Kerckxstraat) five days in April, five days in June and five days in September.

But please slow down, you cannot throw away everything you have at home. You are indeed allowed to get rid of 3m2 of waste and you have a limit for chemical waste. On the other hand, certain things are allowed, such as pieces of furniture, household appliances, and small chemical waste or misplaced tyres. But all the wastes that are supposed to fill the traditional (white, yellow, blue, green) bags won’t be accepted, as well as gas bottle or lab chemical products.

If you are interested in leaving stuffs, it is actually very easy. You need to be Ixellois, come with an ID card and sort your waste out before. You will find the entire information here.

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