The rainbow waste?

Waste management has always been a big deal in Brussels. Bags on the streets, blue/yellow once out of two weeks. The Region Bruxelles-Capitale has decided to spread the use of orange bags in 2017.

Garbage Bag

Have you noticed the orange bags that have been lying down in the streets for a couple of days? If so, maybe you have thought it is a new Brussels fantasy, as it often happens. It is actually not. It takes part of the new framework of waste management in the Belgian capital. But what are these bags for and where to pick them?

The orange bags have been tested in several communes of Bruxelles for a couple of years. As the experience has resulted in a success, Bruxelles-propreté decided to make these bags available for everyone. The orange bags address the issue of food waste, which unfortunately are a significant part of our total waste. As it will result in waste, using them for environmental purpose, such as compost, is a good idea, isn’t it?

Only on the voluntary basis, the Bruxellois can sort their food waste and fill the orange bags. That will make the use of the white bag rarer. As explained on the Bruxelles-propreté’s website, a large range of your waste are covered, from expired food to tea bags. But things cannot go in, such as eggshells or bones. So if you really want to be involved in this process, please check you’re not doing the things wrong! You nevertheless are probably not provided with these bags. Although all the shops do not have them in stock yet, you easily can purchase such bags in the Brussels supermarkets in the coming weeks.

But this rainbow bag trend does not only take place in Brussels. Flanders has indeed experienced the pink bags, which aim at splitting the plastic waste both in blue and pink bags. Some years ago, someone said to British ambassador Brenton when he took its office “If you think you understood Belgium, you were badly explained”. Does that make sense to you?

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