“Heatwave plan” activated by the city of Brussels

According to the Royal Meteorological Institute (MRI) we are expecting temperatures to rise this week.

This Thursday temperatures are expected to reach 36.6 degrees Celsius. The highest temperature recorded was 38.8 degrees on June 27, 1947 in Uccle.

The city of Brussels puts the “Heatwave” plan in place as soon as temperatures rise above 28 degrees. When a heat wave is announced,  the CPAS of the City of Brussels states that anyone in a situation of precariousness or dependency, can call or register via a free phone number: 0800 / 35.550 to receive services related to the Plan.. People who have difficulty hearing or who have difficulty speaking can also send a fax to 02 218 32 48 or send an e-mail to info@lmdq.be

The distribution of water and other services is ensured by the CPAS team to these people. “The plan is part of a more global logic to support the most isolated people (seniors, children, sick people, …). A visit, a phone call are all small gestures that bring a breath of fresh air.”


Unsplash – From: Jarosław Kwoczała @sumekler


Temperatures today are expected to reach 32 degrees celcius.