VUB to receive 1.7 million euros from EU to continue research on new anti-inflammatory drugs

A team of researchers from the Vrije Universiteit van Brussel (VUB) has received 1.7 million euros to conduct research on anti-inflammatory drugs.

The European Union has allocated 3.5 million euros in total for research on new anti-inflammatory drugs as part of their new program “Future and Emerging Technologies”. The team from VUB received 1.7 million of that total.

The team of international scientists is being lead by Professor Mathieu Vinken, who is a Pharmacist-Toxicologist at the department of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences at VUB. The team will be focusing on drugs for inflammatory diseases of the liver, cardiovascular system and joints.

“We naturally hope to have taken major steps forward in four years and to have developed more effective anti-inflammatory drugs. After all, they are commonly used medicines that can be found in just about every medicine cabinet, ” adds Prof. Dr. Mathieu Vinken.