eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX 2019 is returning with a whole new line-up

Between 5 and 8 September, the eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX is once again taking place right at the heart of the Parc de Bruxelles. More than 30 big names of the Brussels culinary scene will be there to show off their signature dish to the public. To accompany these delicious dishes, around 50 Bordeaux winemakers and traders will also be attending, offering a wide array of wines which embody the diversity, quality and accessibility of Bordeaux Wines – something to arouse the senses of visitors who love the pleasures of the palate!




For its 8th edition, the festival is playing host to over 30 Brussels chefs, pastry chefs and cheesemakers. Each one of them will present their signature dish. Chefs from towns and regions with bilateral relations with the Brussels region will also be there to introduce the visitors to new flavours. Finally, the festival gives visitors the chance to truly take part in the festival by actively participating in the workshops on Bordeaux wine.

What’s new:

o More than 30 top chefs: New famous Brussels chefs are joining in the fun, meaning that there will be even more for you to enjoy at the festival. They will be serving up a signature dish for visitors which sums up their culinary identity for the exclusive price of 9 euros.

o The competition to find Brussels’ best shrimp croquette comes to the eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX festival. The spotlight will be thrown on this classic staple of Belgium’s culinary heritage on Saturday 7 September from 12:00 as part of a new addition to the festival’s rich programme.

o The Bordeaux Wine School invites enthusiasts to participate in new, original wine workshops. Come and join us for this fun, friendly event!

o This year, Brussels Cocktail Week will join us at eat!BRUSSELS,drink!BORDEAUX for a sneak preview on 8 September. From 12:00 pm to 9:30 pm, visitors will be able to dive into the exciting world of mixology for the first time thanks to workshops put on by Brussels’ premier mixologists.

Brussels is a place where the world’s culinary cultures come together, and its reputation on the global stage speaks for itself. With its sixteen recognised by the Michelin guide, the capital of Europe boasts more stars than cities like Berlin, Rome or even Milan. But Brussels doesn’t just owe its culinary excellence to its Michelin-starred restaurants. This is what the eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX festival wants to demonstrate, by bringing together some of the most promising chefs of the moment. They will present a signature dish at a one-off price, allowing food lovers and experts alike to discover new flavours without leaving the exclusive surroundings of the Parc de Bruxelles.

Thanks to the Wine Pass, visitors, whether they are seasoned oenophiles or novices, are shown all the wealth of the different appellations and terroirs of the Bordeaux region, by stopping off at the stalls of the different Bordeaux wine-growers and merchants. An excellent way of discovering hidden gems.