In honor of the Belgian landmark’s 60th birthday: A Circular Journey at the Atomium

From the 22nd of September 2018 until to 5th of May 2019, Visual System will take over the temporary exhibition sphere of the Atomium, for a completely new immersive experience, called ID: A circular journey.

ID, which stands for Innovative Display, is a series of artistic creations, which plunge visitors into a dreamlike realm of light and sound. The Visual System collective appropriates, for the 4th time, the unique interior of the Atomium, which with its modular structure and layout, might as well be the very best venue for these collaborations.


Visual system


In honor of the Belgian landmark’s 60th birthday, the installation A Circular Journey invites the public to (re)visit the building on a peaceful tour that celebrates both its humanistic statement and its examination of scientific progress, which is ever ongoing. Strolling through A circular journey, visitors explore an Atomium through a journey that links infinities, both big and small.

VISUALSYSTEM (VS) is an association founded in 2007. The main idea of its projects is the reflection on the importance of the digital media in the city of tomorrow.

VS experiments with new technologies and their potential, using light and sound as a spatial and spectral tool. This revolutionary approach gives a preview on the future evolution of the interactive technologies, of the possible applications of LED lightning, of the perception of the space through light and sound on a human dimension as well as on a broader urban scale.


visual system 2


VS unites the artists from various disciplines: image, sound, fine arts, programming, design, architecture. The public participation is important in their works: the spectators are engaged in the creations.