Laeken commune fights against the proliferation of pigeons

The Brussels authorities are determined to fight against the proliferation of pigeons in the city. Since March 2019, the different municipalities have discussed about the possibilities of developing a coordinated action plan.

The commune of Ixelles had even received a petition asking to distribute contraceptive seeds to pigeons. The petition titled Petition for Ethical Regulation of Pigeons/Feeding Card was launched by Stéphanie De Jonghe and addressed to Yves Rouyet, the alderman of the municipality of Ixelles.

Now the City of Brussels will distribute contraceptive seeds in Laeken to fight against the proliferation of pigeons. It has been reported that the contraceptive seeds will be distributed in Clémentine Square for two years. An amount of 6,000 has been put aside for this project.


Unsplash – From: Jason Wong @jasonhk1920

“There is a population of 250 pigeons that is regularly fed and comes every day, and we are going to place a feeder with contraceptive seeds,” stated the animal welfare coordinator Zoubida Jellab (Ecolo).