Brussels Mermaids and Mermen Team swim for a noble cause: Schoolyard14

On the 15th of September 2019, Sven Gatz, Brussels Minister of Finance, Budget, Promotion of Multilingualism, Tourism and Image of Brussels, officially gave a “swim start” to the Schoolyard14 campaign at Molenbeek’s public pool. Members from Rotary Club Brussels Cantersteen, 15 school children from Molenbeek, their teachers and the director of Ket & CO gathered to practice and/or observe swimming like a mermaid and a merman.

The dream of the initiators is to realize a second Cruyff project called Schoolyard14 at the Municipal Elementary School Ket & CO in Molenbeek. This school is located within walking distance of Cruyff Court Molenbeek. The investment is designed to strengthen the sports community as well as Molenbeek at large.

The event was a warm-up for the Open Dutch Mermaid Swimming Championship in Maastricht on the 27thof October. There, team Brussels will compete in the 100-meter speed race for adults and children in various other events. All to raise sponsorships for Schoolyard14.


From left to right: Teacher Bart Smet of elementary school Ket & Co; Rotary Club Brussels Cantersteen members Slava Berezhnyy, Unico van Kooten and Angela Dansby; Brussels Minister Sven Gatz; and Ingrid Depraetere, director Ket & CO at Louis Nameche pool in Molenbeek on 15 September 2019.


“This has been the most unusual request I have received in my career so far,” says Brussels minister Sven Gatz. “At the same time the most fun one to open and watch. I send the campaigners all my support in this very entertaining, positive and sportive challenge. Bring the Dutch Mermaid cup to Brussels and swim fast for the sportive goal. That is to realize a Schoolyard14 in Brussels.”

Ultimately, the mermaids and mermen from Brussels are “fishing” for euros to realize Schoolyard14 in Molenbeek! Please help realize this worthy project by donating to their crowdfunding website.