Limited visitors allowed at the Belgian Coast this weekend

Considering that in the previous weeks, the municipalities along the coast have received a large number of tourists, authorities have decided to limit the number of travelers per municipality.

By enforcing such rules, the authorities want to ensure that they are being compliant with the measures applicable regarding Covid and can guarantee the health security of visitors and inhabitants.

Regarding the upcoming weekend, the number of visitors allowed per municipality is as follows:  10,000 visitors for Ostend, 6,000 for Blankenberge, 2,000 for Knokke-Heist, 4,000 for Zeebrugge and 2,000 for De Panne.

Therefore, SNCB has announced that it has cut down the number of train traveling to the coast of Belgium.

They noted on their website that ” For health security reasons, the authorities strongly advise against travelling to the coast of Belgium. At their request, the number of trains and occupancy rate will be limited on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 August.”

If you want to go to the coast, they recommend traveling during the week.

If you’re planning to visit the coast, you may as well check the Crowd Barometer and you will have to register online.


Do not forget that it is mandatory to wear a mask in all crowded places.