Belgian Fashion Weekend

October has just started and it has already displayed great events throughout the month. One of these concerns art and creativity and it challenges and inspires each one of us every day: fashion lovers and instagrammers get ready for the DS Brussels Fashion Days! The event will take place from the 20th to the 22nd of October.

Fashion is a very personal and sensitive topic: each person has his/her own style, look and preferences and finds inspiration and suggestions in different aspects of art or everyday life. One element that always succeeds in presenting new ideas is traveling: moving, challenging yourself, getting in touch with different customs, habits and cultures is always a great source of ideas. Traveling helps people see their objectives, tastes and preferences in perspective, and adds a new point of view through which we can expand our identity.

It is for this reason that this year, for the sixth edition of the fashion event, stylists and creators have decided to get inspiration from Spain and its incredibly rich cultural and artistic heritage. The creations will show the connection and influences to both Belgium and Spain and will present innovative concepts.

The show will offer a variety of pop-up stores, fashion schools stands, beauty bars, meet and greet, mannequin casts and expositions. There will be workshops and fashion coaching, to improve your knowledge on fashion and get some new ideas for your next outfit. The event aims at underlining fashion’s qualities and possibilities, exchanging point of views, getting inspired by other artists and checking the opportunities available around.

The exposition of the collection will be held in la Galerie Horta, while the runaway shows will take place at la Galerie Ravestein. The expo and the show will take place the first two days of the event, while the third day will be dedicated more to information: talks and workshops will explain to the audience the concepts behind Jean-Paul Lespagnard’s “Reflection” exhibition, and they will display the successes and improvements of the design schools.