Lives of peregrine falcons living in Brussels to be streamed on the internet

The lives of two peregrine falcon couples living in Brussels will be streamed in real time on the internet from April 6th on via the website

This year, the stream will be focused on one nest located at the top of the City Hall of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, and the other on a nest situated on the bell tower of the Saint-Job Church in Uccle. Especially exciting for fans of the birds will be the news that both nests contain eggs that should hatch within the next few days; viewers will be able to watch the births live on the web.


The Museum of Natural Sciences will also set up several temporary observation posts to watch the birds. One will be installed at the Saints-Michel-et-Gudule Cathedral every Wednesday and Saturday between April 6 and May 25. A telescope will also be set up at the Saint-Job Church on April 14 and on May 5, 15 and 19, which can be connected to a smartphone to take pictures. A similar system will be available at the City Hall of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre on May 10th, 15th and 24th.

The famous falcon couple living on top of the Cathedral of Saints Michel and Gudule suffered a small fright ten days ago: the 17-year-old female was found on the ground, injured, in central Brussels. She is currently recovering at the Royal Belgian Union for the Protection of Birds in Anderlecht. Fans of the couple remain anxious about the possibility of another couple settling on top of the cathedral in her absence.