Map of construction sites across Brussels in September

Several construction sites will still continue works during the month of September.

Leopold II and Rogier Tunnels

The Leopold II and Rogier tunnels will be reopened to traffic by 2 September 6 am. But they will stay closed on week nights (Sunday to Thursday, 22h-6h)

Avenue Brugmann

Construction work on Avenue Brugmann will be completed by September 2.

Check out the interactive map to see all the details and updates of the building sites during this summer:



Construction is on-going on the following areas:

  • Chaussée d’Alsemberg

If the current construction work will end on September 2nd, new work between Nieuwenhove and De Bue will take place until the end of October. The tram will continue to circulate and serve the usual stops.

  • Pont de la Rue de la Loi

Delayed work on the Rue de la Loi bridge (above the Etterbeek road). There will be only two available lanes of traffic during the first week of September.

  • Boulevard du Midi / Jamar / Fonsny

Test phase on the Boulevard du Midi under the railway bridge. Temporary reduction of the number of lanes at the Midi / Jamar junction.

  • Reyers

Closure of Colonel Bourg / Reyers Boulevard from September 1st until the 20th.

  • Pont Grosjean

Closure of the road under Grosjean Bridge (between Avenue des Constellations and rue Colonel Bourg) for 12 weeks starting from the 3rd week of September.