6 Brussels’s residents file a request in court to reduce the number of flights over the city

On October 17th, 2018, six Brussels’s residents have filed a request to stop the discriminatory treatment towards Brussels’s inhabitants caused by the excessive number of flights over the city.

The proceedings are against Brussels Airport, SPF Mobilité, and Belgocontrol.

The motion will not be examined before February, 2019, decided Wednesday the civil court in Brussels.

The complainants noted that they suffer discrimination against them due to the various negative effects on their health caused by the high number of flights.



They referred to an underestimation by the authorities of the statistical risks of an air accident over their homes but also a failure to apply the measures usually taken in other countries (relocation of the most polluting activities, movement of the airfields, compensatory programs, etc.)

A violation of noise standards in the Brussels-Capital Region was also included in the file.