Brussels’ Mayor rejects Uber drivers’ request to march in protest

Today, Wednesday 7th of November, Uber drivers were planning to hold a rally in front of the courthouse in Brussels while the hearing concerning them was taking place. However, it was cancelled as the Mayor of Brussels, Philippe Close had not granted the permission.

According to Fernando Redondo, president of the Association belge des chauffeurs limousine, the mobilization has been cancelled. However, he declared that they deplore this decision and are planning to schedule a new rally on November 14.




Mr. Redondo further commented on the importance of this issue as Uber drivers have previously been targeted by several parties, verbally and physically.

The Belgian Federation of Taxis has, in the past, undertaken legal action against Uber drivers. Mr. Redondo stated that the future of 1000 Uber drivers is at stake, as well as that of their families.