STIB denies promoting Uber

STIB has issued a statement denying that it ever promoted Uber, after taxi drivers accused the Brussels transport operator of championing the ride-sharing company.

On Thursday morning at 6 a.m., around 40 taxi drivers demonstrated in front of STIB’s depot in Haren to denounce STIB’s perceived promotion of Uber during the presentation of its 2018 annual report. The Brussels-Capital police have also issued a statement claiming that the demonstration ended at around 8.15 a.m., with no further incidents to report.


“STIB never promoted anyone. The relevant slide [shown during the presentation] simply shows all possible modes of transport available in Brussels, without commenting on the nature of their services or their legitimacy,” STIB said on social media.

STIB’s vice-president, Lofti Mostefa, offered his own remarks: “I have been asked by several people about the possibility of a partnership between STIB and Uber. I do not in any way support this initiative, which is contrary to the societal project that I am working toward. For me, the only possible partners for STIB are Brussels taxis,” he said.