Top tennis players revere Flemish racquet strings

The world’s top players resolutely choose this family company from Wijnegem in Flanders to string their rackets. Gustavo Kuerten, Roger Federer, the sisters Venus and Serena Williams, Simona Halep, David Goffin, Elise Mertens, Rafael Nadal … the list goes on.

All-round tennis players, as well as players who like to play power shots or love keeping control and feel for the ball, are ideally suited to using Luxilon’s strings. Each kind of player likes their own kind of string, you could say. Indeed, the product has astonishing properties: once tensioned, the strings do not move, they are very durable, of stable quality and offer unique playing comfort.





In 1959, Leo Van Malderen founded Luxilon Industries & C°. It initially produced yarn for the textile sector and for medical applications. In 1991, his son Nico took up the reins. Following a fire in 1997, a whole new company rose from the ashes, with the most recent equipment and technology. New investments were made in the years that followed, systematically developing and patenting new products and taking on extra staff. The results are history.