STIB to present an autonomous vehicle in Brussels

The Brussels Public Transport Company STIB has published their 2018 annual report. In 2018 they have experiences a 4% growth in traveling using their services compared to 2017. The number of trips reached 417.6 million in 2018.

The Chief Executive Officer, Brieuc de Meeûs stated,  “In 10 years, STIB has made nearly 46% additional journeys. It has become the preferred means of travel in Brussels.”

They also informed the public of their innovative investments.

STIB has announced that from 28 June until 22 September they are bringing to Brussels an autonomous vehicle.

The new diver-less vehicle will be running in the Park of Woluwe on weekends from Friday to Sunday. It fits a maximum of 12 people, 6 seats and 6 standing places.



The vehicle is equipped with LIDAR sensors which permit it to sense the surroundings and the vehicle comes to a stop if necessary. However, an attendant will still be present at all times.