SALON 1910: Autoworld’s new historical area

Autoworld is relentlessly continuing to improve its spaces, making the whole museum more appealing and providing it with a clear educational approach.

Now, a totally new area has just been created, forging a stronger link between the current car museum and its history: Salon 1910.
Not many people know. The magnificent building that has housed Autoworld for more than 30 years hosted the very first Car and Motorcycle Exhibitions between 1902 and 1934, when the exhibition halls housing the current Car and Air Museums were linked and the Esplanade still did not exist.

Salon 1910” presents a step back in time and, over a space of close to 1000m² located in the museum’s right-hand wing, shows what these first Exhibitions looked like at the beginning of the last century, when cars were custom ordered; the future owner purchased a motorised chassis then went to a coach builder to sort out the bodywork for his new car.



Many photos and photographic enlargements, a showroom exhibiting chassis and cars with custom bodywork , videos from that era and, of course, about thirty cars like those sold at Exhibitions at the beginning of the last century complement the area which is intended to be as educational as possible.



All the cars exhibited were already scattered around the museum. Here they are gathered together in their historical context. It should be noted that, among others, you will find the 1912 De Dion DE2 there, one of the most important makes of that era, as well as a De Dion Torpedo. The Baby Peugeot will remind us that these baby cars already existed over one hundred years ago. A little further away in the museum, a double bodywork Minerva of course makes reference to our industry in the Belgian area, tells the history in detail. Other chassis and customs bodywork will catch your attention, like on the Rolls Royce stand, the chassis of the 1911 Rolls Silver Ghost and the 1921 custom bodywork of the same car. In fact, have you heard of the French make Sizaire Naudin? We are exhibiting one of their cars from 1911. A few motorcycles, such as the Minerva and Piedboeuf, will also be present.
With the “Salon 1910”, Autoworld is completely reconnecting with its history, while making the right-hand wing of the museum more attractive.

Practical Information:

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