Museum Night Fever: A night to remember

Museum Night Fever arrived this year upon promises of excellent grandeur that would charm your spirits and immerse you in all the fine arts the city could offer; it certainly delivered.

27 museums all in one night! Hopping from museum to museum created an eclectic feel of history, art, design and performance in a seamless fashion that opened you to the humanities as never before.

But this nighttime soirée didn’t just mean the museums were open past their usual hours; acrobatics, catwalks, concerts, performances and installations were present amongst the regular exhibits in each museum, meaning that you discovered not just the museum at night, but the nuances that this event brought with it.

One such event was BOZAR having their main hall kitted out for high flying acrobatics where performers passed through the air with astounding agility and finesse, even amassing a line of audience to lay on the ground as they defied gravity in their lengthy leaps; there was even ariel silk show.

A fashion show was also present in the hall, with everything from sophisticated new styles to eccentric concepts paraded by a legion of models cascading down the marble stairs and into the heart of the hall.


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The museums also offered their ongoing exhibits should you wish to see them in a different light: with the Fernand Léger exhibit being available as well as the recently opened Hugo Claus.

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The Place Royal made a perfect place to jump from exhibition to exhibition, or to have a drink in a historic hall, but if you wanted to beat the crowds and go to somewhere equally as exhilarating, then you could take a free shuttle service that would ferry you to the different spots.

Here, you would be whisked off to the various other museums where there were eateries, piano serenaded bars, music venues and installations offered throughout the night.

So, although the festival is over, many of museum’s exhibition featured will continue in the following weeks in case you missed out, but with such a grand celebration last night, I’m sure the question on everyone’s mind is: how long till the next one?!