Belgian Nationalists call for a march on December 16th to show their discontent with the UN Migration Pact

The “March Against Marrakesh” (UN Migration Pact) on Sunday, December 16th, has already attracted 10,000 people on Facebook, with 4,000 having confirmed their attendance.

Organizers statement

The Marrakesh-compact has made a new victim. After a failed attempt by the Prime Minister to keep his federal government and coalition together, he was forced to seek supportive votes in the opposition. Meanwhile the government has fallen and the ministers, whom didn’t agree on the terms of the compact, have all been replaced.

Although the voice of the 2014 elections still echoes throughout the political landscape, the Prime Minister is reluctant to hear the people’s voice. It seems clear to us that politicians no longer concern themselves with the will of the people. Our politicians do not longer represent the voice of the people. That is why it is a must to raise our voices, louder than ever before. We need to show the Wetstraat what people really care about.

United we stand to say NO against a new wave of mass-migration. No against yet another political game of ring-around-the-rosy. No against politicians who neglect the public opinion.



To carry out this message we organize a demonstration on Sunday 16th of December. This is a symbolic date as 2 days afterwards the compact will have to be signed by the minority-government in New-York. We can’t just stand by and watch, we need to show the will of the majority. The people who don’t want that compact to be signed.