New speakeasy-like cocktail bar opens in Schaerbeek

The founders of Chez Marraine joined forces with a former bartender from the Chez Copain bar to create Ethylo, a new speakeasy-like bar.

Located in Schaerbeek, the bar is expected to attract the residents of the north of the capital.

“Ethylo is a place for quality cocktails and premium spirits tasting. Our bartenders will share their creations through signature cocktails. Classic cocktails and mocktails are also available. For the more adventurous among you 80 different spirits are waiting on the shelves,” they write on their website.



Their wines are provided by Lansac and the selection of beers are from the best Belgian craft breweries.

The bartenders, Tonka Julien and Vorveert Romain offer both classic and 100% Ethylo-created cocktails.

“The day Julien discovered the art of cocktail, he was attending classes of Filippo Baldan. A few months later they were colleagues at the Bar Dessiné, Radisson Blu Hotel where Julien could benefit from an incredible training among the best barmen of Brussels. What keeps him going are precision, strictness and artistry closely linked to the achievement of those cocktails. The reason why he keeps working in hotels where he can find perfection and where things are being made pretty.”


Raspmery Smash


Romain started his career in hospitality by working at Delirium café. Then he discovered cocktails and mixology at Green Lab. Self-taught man, he is spending a lot of time to read and discover new recipes and to make experiments.

“To me a cocktail has to be simple to be efficient. Balance between acidity and bitterness is a capital point to get a good result.”



La Capitale reports, “Against a backdrop of jazz music, vintage wallpaper, decorative objects and soft light give the place a warm atmosphere. Without being secretive, this new address that has been known so far only by word of mouth is also reminiscent of the famous speakeasy New York, these underground bars very popular during the prohibition.

The bar is open from Tuesday to Thursday starting from 18:00 to 01:00 and Fridays until 03:00.