Number of flu cases continues to increase in Belgium

Between February 11 and 17, 730 people per 100,000 people consulted a general practitioner for flu symptoms, according to Sciensano. Some hospitals were saturated earlier this week.

For example, in the ERU Saint-Pierre emergency room in the center of Brussels, doctors received a lot of flu patients on Wednesday February 20th. In this case, the emergency doctors redirect the patients to their general practitioner to relieve the service.



During the week of January 28 to February 3, 365 people per 100,000 people went to see a doctor because of such symptoms. This number rose to 670 people per 100,000 between 4 and 10 February, and 730 last week.

“The number of cases continues to increase, but not significantly,” says Sciensano. Influenza is primarily on the rise in children 0 to 4 and 65 and over. It remains stable for other age groups.