Pilots ask politicians to put pressure on Ryanair’s management

The Belgian and European political authorities should put more pressure on Ryanair’s management, requested the Belgian Cockpit Association (BeCA) on Thursday, on the eve of a strike by pilots of the Irish company based in Belgium.

The letters that the European Commissioner for Social Affairs, Marianne Thyssen, or the Minister of Economy and Employment, Kris Peeters, sent to the airline at low cost has had a fairly limited effect, reported BeCA.

There are, of course, ongoing proceedings in Belgium, such as an investigation by the labor audit bureau.

“We met twice in joint committee at the FPS Employment with Ryanair, without having any influence from the work of the labor auditor,” said commander Alain Vanalderweireldt, president of BeCA.


Vanalderweireldt wants an immediate intervention by the authorities to encourage Ryanair to move in the right direction, which is “inescapable”, and recognize the Belgian labor law. 

Across Europe, employees and their representatives demand enforcement of national labor law and not just Irish legislation. But the company refuses to undertake such an approach.

“We haven’t yet seen any will to negotiate from Ryanair’s management during our meetings the past six months. For every step forward, we take two back,” said Alain Vanalderweireldt.

Will there be another pilots strike in the coming days and weeks?

“It all depends on the reaction of the company,” says the president of the BeCA, which recalls the episode of letters of ‘no show’ after the cabin crew’s strike in late July.

“We’re hoping for an opening after Friday’s action. We are eager to see open doors and not foolish statements.”