Registration of non-Belgian voters for the 2018 elections

You live in Brussels and you are a citizen of a country that may or may not belong to the European Union? Under certain conditions, you can then register as a voter for the municipal elections of October 2018.

The conditions for the registration (in French):

In order to vote, you have to fill in the registration form (in French).

For members of the European Union:

Or for people from outside the European Union:

Sign the form and put it in the appropriate boxes in the Administrative Centre or in one of the liaison offices by 31 July 2018 at the latest.

You can also send the form by mail to the following address:

City of Brussels
Elections Service
Boulevard Anspach 6
1000 Brussels

You still have questions? Don’t hesitate to call the Elections Service: 0800 200 35 (free number)