Residents mobilize to stop the destruction of a green area in Forest, Brussels

The charming woods at the top of Fontaine Vanderstraeten (Forest, Brussels), which brings a breath of fresh air to the entire neighborhood, is threatened with imminent disappearance. The plan is to start the construction of two buildings consisting of 3 levels (37 dwellings).

As such, a group of local residents -Comité Plateau de la Grappe- has mobilized in a neighborhood committee to try to convince the public authorities to reconsider their project.

Despite the unfavorable opinion of Monuments and Sites expressed during a consultation meeting and a petition of more than 1300 signatures opposing the project, the planning permission was still issued.



The next step in their action for the quality of life in the neighborhood takes the form of an action for annulment before the Council of State. As this would require financial costs up to 10.000 euros, the committee has opened a funding account to seek financial support. On their Go Fund Me campaign they have stated numerous disadvantages arising from this project, including, but not limited to, the felling of 78 trees.

So far, Comité Plateau de la Grappe  has managed to raise 1,535 Euros in 6 days.