World-famous chocolate maker Leonidas might be leaving Brussels

Wishing to expand operations, Leonidas struggles to find a large enough lot to meet its needs.

This issue was discussed in plenary session of the Brussels Parliament last Friday, as described by Belgian newspaper DH.

“I regret the lack of initiative of Didier Gosuin (Défi), Brussels Minister of Labour, who discards his responsibilities in the matter on the grounds that Citydev has no land available for sale,” said MP Gaëtan Van Goidsenhoven (MR). “It would be a great pity to see once again a flagship of our economy, providers of more than 300 jobs, leave the Region.”



For his part, the cabinet of Didier Gosuin wished to qualify this opinion. “Six months ago, Leonidas executives expressed their intention to find a new place to consolidate their services, by centralizing their headquarters where the production center is located, with the storage center. The company immediately turned to us to find a new site that meets their needs. Citydev offered them five sites but none correspond to their needs, and we are still in discussion with Leonidas to propose a new location. The relationship goes well with the company and we do not despair of finding a new place,” reported Gosuin’s cabinet.