Role-play and jazz gigs at the Parlamentarium

Brussels is a vibrant city, rich in cultures and influences from all over the world. Many people come to the Belgian capital to work in the EU institutions: every day they work in direct contact with the inner mechanisms and tasks of the different EU offices, gaining a deep understanding of the many EU functions. Nonetheless, there are expats who don’t work with these establishments and that may not be aware of the many, intricate activities and duties of each institution or organization.

Every year, the cultural event Brussels Museum Nocturnes allows the citizens to visit some museums at night, stressing different aspects of the city’s life, objectives and mechanisms. This year, on the 19th of October, Nocturnes will host a visit to the Parlamentarium, providing handy information on how the EU Parliament and institutions work and answering to all your doubts and questions on it.

The event is quite articulate and will be divided in several activities: quizzes, exhibitions and jazz gigs will fill up the building, presenting the data under a different -and more entertaining- perspective, and a role-play game (one in Dutch and another one in French) will make the “lecture” a bit more fun (remember to book in advance, if you want to take part to the play).

The night at the Parlamentarium will be the perfect opportunity to gather some more information on how the EU works through an inner perspective, directly experiencingthe role of MEPs and gaining a more complete understanding of the tasks and duties. It will be an inspiring and didactive experience, but also a great chance to have fun and meet other expats!