Ryanair’s Belgian staff announces a day of “international solidarity” on September 27

Ryanair’s Belgian staff has announced its intention to join the day of action for “international solidarity” that will take place on Friday 27th of September.

The reason behind the day of action is the decision announced by Ryanair during the summer of cutting 900 employees (out of 13.000) and closing four bases in Europe. The announcement has already generated several strikes in different European countries, and many others are expected for the day of action.


Credits: Kevin Hackert @kevin_hackert


Belgium is the country that has been affected the less by the Ryanair’s restructuring plan. In fact, none of the Belgian bases has been involved and agreements for cabin crew and pilots have been carried out with the company.  Therefore, it is still unknown if also in Belgium the action will take the form of a strike. For the moment only a “solidarity action” has been announced.