Green certificates for those who invest in solar power to decrease from April 2020

Alain Maron, the new Brussels energy minister, has decided that the number of green certificates delivered to citizens that invest in solar power will decrease of the 17%. The decision follows the recommendations published on Monday by Brugel, the Brussels regulatory body for the energy sector.

The number of certificates issued will diminish of the 17% for individual use installations that produce less than 6 kWc and of the 42% for larger installations, allocated in companies, that produce more than 250 kWc. This proposition is slightly more favourable than the one presented beforehand that projected a decrease of 20% and 50% in the number of green certificates.

According to Maron, the new text should be approved by the beginning of 2020, after passing by the Council of State. However, the subsidies’ reduction will not be retroactive. It will only concern the installations entering into service from April 2020, date in which the proposition should enter into force.


Credits: Andreas Gücklhorn @draufsicht


“Our goal is to continue to support renewable energy, including solar power, but it is necessary to sustain the support system. In spite of the reduction in the number of green certificates allocated, it will still be very interesting to fit the solar panels. In point of fact, the Brussels Region guarantees a return on investment in seven years maximum,” Maron assured to La Libre Belgique.