How can you contribute to having a sustainable life in the city?

We have recently had European week of mobility and that wonderful Car(e)-free Sunday!

However after that one peaceful day when we could hear the birds singing and hold a conversation while we were cycling together, things went quickly back to the normal traffic jams and communication via car horns.

Isn’t it time to improve the city we live in by making new efforts to travel around it in a more sustainable way? Shopping by bike, walking your kids to school, using public transport to get to work. All these steps help to create a more breathable city for everyone and also lower our stress levels.


Picture by Chuttersnap – Unsplash


What’s that got to do with food? Quite a lot actually:

When we are already living in a polluted city, take care not to add more pollutants to your body through food. i.e. eating non-organic, processed and chemicalised food, artificial sweeteners and colourings is another added pollution that our bodies have to deal with… hence even more stress on your liver.

Food can help us fight pollution – eating organic wholefoods, and plenty of fruits and vegetables gives us a wonderful cocktail of anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and much much more that enables our body to tackle pollution and not fall ill.

Think about how far your food has travelled before it arrives at the shop or market and make some shifts to buy more locally produced food and food that is in season.

I’m sure you have even more ideas. What change can you make between now and European Mobility Week 2019?