Several arts and crafts workshops for young and adults this summer

To follow up on the theme of the “notebook” that all the workshops at Woluwe St. Lambert have addressed this season, they are planning this summer some internships that open the possibility of deepening a practice or on the contrary give you the opportunity to try a new discipline.

For teens and adults, layout of the photo book with Marina Cox, collage, folding and making notebooks with Marianne Fripiat, Japanese calligraphy with Satoru Toma, for children, the comic book with Sarah Debove extend the “notebook” experience. And then to discover or lead new experiences …

For adults and teens

  • Sculpture / The living model 

With Julie Doutrelepont from monday 26 to friday august 30 from 10h to 17h

Price: 165 € and registration through this link.

Yes the living model will be present but this time the nude will be treated in the manner of Picasso, Giacometti …



  • Photography/ Designing and making a photo book

With Marina Cox from monday 26 to friday august 30 from 10h to 17h

Price: 165 € and registration through this link.

Images – like words – make sense in their juxtaposition.
This workshop proposes to start with you a reflection on the book of photographs and to accompany your first steps in the realization of a personal project. You will go through the different stages, from conception to realization (editing, sequencing, layout, typography, realization of a model on paper and a layout software).

The participants will bring 50 photographs resulting from a first editing (in high resolution on digital medium and on paper), 100 photographs to widen the choice (not selected, on digital medium), texts and possibly a selection of 3 or 4 books reference.



  • Japanese calligraphy / 書 道 Sho do – Breathing and gesturing

With Satoru Toma from monday 26 to friday august 30 from 10h to 17h

Price: 180 € and registration through this link. 

The Japanese calligraphy workshop is based on the Japanese language using pineau and Indian ink. In this workshop, you will work especially the “Kanji” – ideogram.
Starting with kanji very simple as (ichi – un), (kawa – river), you will learn more and more complicated kanji by developing different styles of writing (hi – fire), (honoö – flame ). The Japanese writing, the sign drawn by the brush is very strongly linked to the movement of the body and the breath of the calligrapher. Before looking for a visual result, we try to feel the birth of a breath and a gesture. This workshop is open to all levels.



For teens

  • Mechanical bike / retap’ bike

With Joëlle Carpentier from monday 26 to friday 30 august from 9h to 16h

Price: 135 € and registration through this link. 

Choose a second-hand bike and give it a second life.
At the end of the internship, you leave with the bike and know-how in mechanics.



For children

  • Comic/ Album

With Sarah Debove from monday 26 to friday 30 august from 9h to 16h

Come create an album or a comic.
You will learn storytelling techniques for the comics and the album. You
 will mix traditional tales and what we observe around us. You will wander in nature. And of this nature, your observations and your walks you will write a story entirely in drawing. At the end of the internship everyone will have their own story, a real unique book!

children from 6 to 9 years

Price: 135 € and registration through this link.
nursery from 8:30 am and until 5 pm


For more workshops visit their website.