A coaching entrepreneurial success in Brussels

Brussels Express is pleased to give the floor to a successful entrepreneurial story. Marion Bouvet is a French expat, living in Brussels who decided to launch a bold project.

During my studies, I needed to get back into shape. A friend told me about a new opportunity allowing me to get both: 1) a personalised follow-up and support by a ‘well-being coach’ who really understood my needs and helped me to reach my goals thanks to 5 ranges of products that can be used complementarily or individually 2) and a way to work differently as I could become my own boss, control my time and pursue my studies at the same time.

I joined a group of entrepreneurs and trained with them to become a “well-being coach” and a businesswoman. Today, I still have training sessions on a monthly basis but I also train my own partner associates.

So what is it that I do? I give personalised follow-up and support to people of all ages, who may have different way of lives and varied objectives (weight loss, enhancing sport performance, gaining weight, getting a better sleep, reducing stress etc…). For example, most recently, I had a lot of students who wanted a program to get through the exam period.

What makes my job unique is that I am available for my clients every step of the way. The fact to have experienced it first-hand makes all the difference. Because most of the time when people try to make a healthy change in their life, they are alone. Their family, friends, co-workers are not always the most supportive and it can drive a lot of people to fall back into their old habits and lose sight of their objectives.

In Brussels, I hear a lot “I can’t get back into shape because I often have business lunches” or “I don’t have time to go to sport.” To these people I reply: “It’s ok, the program will be completely adapted to you and your way of life.”


Tasty but healthy
Tasty but healthy


5 steps in order to achieve success:

  1. First, we start by an overview of the client’s lifestyle and needs for free.
  2. Once the needs and objectives are established, we put in place a plan. Then we implement it and I follow the client’s progression daily or weekly depending on the client’s wishes.
  3. Once the client has successfully reached his goal, my job doesn’t end there as I have to make sure that he stabilises it and can keep a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Thanks to our personalised programs and coaching our customer satisfaction rate is around 97%.
  5. And as I mentioned before, I am not limited to coaching, I am also creating a network of entrepreneurs in Belgium. A lot of people are looking to start their new company but don’t necessary have the money or the confidence to do it on their own. So by integrating a network, they are joining a team of entrepreneurs who are going to train them and help them reach their business goals. It’s the concept of “I can succeed by helping others to succeed”.

If you want a free overview of your well-being: http://www.beautysane.com/UK/services.html
If you are interested in learning more about us: http://www.nleurope.com/FR/