European Tree of the Year 2017: let’s vote for the Belgium tree!

The European Tree of the Year was inspired by the popular Tree of the Year contest, which has been organised in Czech Republic by the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation for many years.

The purpose of the European Tree of the Year is to highlight the significance of old trees in the natural and cultural heritage that deserves our care and protection. Unlike other contests, the European Tree of the Year doesn’t focus on beauty, size or age but rather on the tree’s story and its connection to people. They look for trees that have become a part of the wider community.

Every year hundreds of thousands of people participate in the contest. The number of countries participating has increased from 5 to 16.


The Village’s Best Friend for over 400 years

This lime tree is beloved in Massemen, as should be the case with any veteran tree. Its knobbly trunk, its hollow inside and its leaves speak for themselves. It groaned in fright when the village church burned down in 1645, feasted with the lords of Massemen when the village became a princedom and saw how the French invaders were beaten in 1798. The lime tree spreads a delicious perfume and is featured on many a painting. And people still fall in love under its canopy.

Let’s vote for the Belgium tree ! In order to vote, click here. Voting takes place from 1 to 28 February 2017.  The results will be announced at the Award Ceremony in Brussels, the 21st of March, where the winners will be awarded.

Belgium tree