Something Beautiful: A visual art and poetry festival in Brussels

What comes to your mind when I say ‘Something beautiful’? Artists from Finland, France, the United States and the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany, from Belgium and Brussels mount an exhibition at La Vallée under this heading.

We invite you to come to the opening this Friday and see how Jörg Baier is looking into the sun, Corinne Chotycki warns of slippage with eggs, Céline Cuvelier paints over the tourists in a Unesco World Heritage destination, Marianne Csaky pastes people into other places, Alexandra Huddleston portrays the infinite in the right now and right here, Elizabeth Hudson plays with sticks, words and banana skins as political actions, Sonia Hufton dresses a space and transforms it into a painting, Mimi Kunz makes ink move paper.

Christine Langinauer (ad)dresses the structural organization of living things, Rebekka Löffler lets shapes move in painting, Simon Medard hangs fresh paintings on a washing line, PAROLE paints writing, Alix Rothnie forms momentary sculptures to join the mountains, Erika Roux brings us so close to people we witness what happens between the action, Bobby Sayers lets us see and imagine a place all at once, Corrie Thomson lets sculptures pose in new settings, Stéfan Tulépo breaks the crusts of objects, and Esther Venrooy lets cargo ships drift on sound waves.


Filmstill by Alix Rothnie


Through the enthusiasm of many beautiful people the exhibition grew into a festival, including a performance evening, food design, concerts, DJs, and a poetry reading.

What is poetry to us?

Elizabeth Hudson, Adalbert Jahnz, Sarah Reader Harris, George Kosmopoulos, Mimi Kunz, Marcello Shea (Wrek), Volkmar Mühleis, Antoinette Naomi Reddick, Bobby Sayers, Hannah Van Hove, Christine Langinauer and Patrick Ten Brick read contemporary texts and others that speak to them today: poems from friends and strangers, from local writers and authors who live or have lived far away.

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Lucie Pinier, curator of “Something Beautiful“ with Jörg Baier in his studio