SOS Yemen from Brussels

Yemen: from Cradle Cultural and Civilization of Arab Culture, until the humanitarian crisis  today, What to do?
Author: Eduardo Datcha Ribeiro


What contribution of the Colloquium on “History & Civilization-Current Situation and the Future, organized at the Brussels Press Club on 8th November by: &

By gathering at the heart of the European Union, members of civil society, experts, politicians including 2 ministers of the Yemeni government in exile, elected in 2012, and some supporters of the current government, What message has been delivered  to the world by this colloquium?

Stop, as quickly as possible, this war with multiple causes: geopolitics via the giants of the region (Saudi Arabia and Iran), misunderstanding between the nationals themselves, religious manipulation (Sunnite, Shiite) etc.

“ SOS to an experienced and courageous mediator. And why not the European Union ?”