Wine? Beer? Rebels? Where?

The fourth edition of the Vini, Birre, Ribelli will take place in Tour & Taxis on 25 and 26 of November 2017.

Although both wine and beer are described and presented as ‘traditional’ and home-made products, the reality is quite different. Most of the brands are today owned by major international companies and the process is not as eco-friendly as it is could be.

Movements have emerged over the last years and alternative ways of running a beer or a wine factory have been gathering more and more supporters and stakeholders.

That’s the vision the Vini, Birre, Ribelli festival aims to promote and defend at the end of November, in Brussels. Under the banner of sustainability and organic food, this event will gather stakeholders who resist to food industrialisation.

Going towards Zero Waste

This year the festival expects more then 4 000 visitors: “As for the first three editions, this exhibition will be exclusively craft, sustainable, organic and mostly natural products. Bringing together in a single location the beer and wine’s alternative worlds and food that is good, clean and fair is definitively unique in Belgium” says the organisers.

The theme of this fourth edition is “Zero Waste” and the event will therefore honour the people who really care about sorting waste and respecting the environment in their daily business life. Workshops on market access will also be held for the professionals and future entrepreneurs who are interested in.

The Vini, Birre, Rubella festival was conceived by Enrico D’Ambrogio, Patrick Böttcher and Jean Hummler, Moeder Lambic’s owner that Brussels Express interviewed some months ago.

Good to know:
List of exhibitors and agenda
One Day price: 13€ online and 15€ on the spot 
Two Days price: 18€ online and 20€ on the spot