Tips for Mother’s day in Brussels

Brussels Express provides you with some ideas with regard to Sunday. What does Sunday sound to you? Should you have forgotten about Mother’s day, do not worry, we have a couple of tips that could make it a great day!

Flowers are always welcome

Sunday will be a sunny day and offering a bunch of flowers would probably a very good start. You then need to find an acceptable flower shop. Brussels Express recommends to pop down in “L’arrosoir du Prieuré” or “Les Fleurs du Châtelain“.

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Although you do not need to rush, please keep in mind that offering flowers is quite common for Mother’s day. It then might be useful to call the shops and book in advance.

On va brunché!

Enjoying a good weather and having a good brunch on a terrace would be more than welcome to have a wonderful moment with your mum. There are of course many many places across Brussels to have a brunch on Sunday. If you however would like to be quiet, we  recommend to go to check our list of the 10 best best coffee shops in Brussels.

Most of the traditional brunch spots will be full this Sunday!

Relax in a spa

After you had a good brunch, it is definitely worth relaxing in a fancy place. What do you think about having a long break in a spa? It is always good when you aim to intimately talk with someone. If you then have not met with your mum for a while, you could consider such an option.

If it is of interest to you, we highly recommens to have a look at “Deep Nature Bruxelles”, next to Tour & Taxi. It is located in the  “Up Tower” 42th floor and you then have the chance to have a great view over Brussels!

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Tapas & good wine

It is definitely worth finishing such a great day with a dinner in a restaurant, right? It will however still be warm, so a tapas restaurant could be a good solution. You probably already know your favourite tapas in Brussels. But if you have no idea, you should have a look at our article on the “best tapas” in the Belgian capital.

Other activities: if you are not fine yet with what Brussels Express recommends, you also can have a look at the activities that will be held in Brussels on Sunday: the Brussels Jazz weekend, the Solidar XL in Fernand Cocq, the launch of Cult-Sport (party in Parc de Forest).

Check out below the yesterday’s mood of the Brussels Jazz weekend:


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