Eat it all, eat! Brussels

It’s that time of the year again! No, it’s not Christmas nor Easter, it’s time for eat! Brussels , the food festival for food lovers, food admirers and those that can’t get enough of good food. There’s great wine, too, from all over Bordeaux, so you won’t stay thirsty.

As every year, the event takes place from Thursday to Sunday, so no worries if you have dinner plans for Saturday already, eat! Brussels will wait for you. Some chefs from last year are present this time, too, such as Denis from Le Tournant, Francesco and Ugo from Racines or Alex from Rouge Tomate and some new ones participating that I know already like Miranda or San. Just for you, I sacrificed myself and tried as much food as I could (Yes, you should thank me for being so selfless), so I can tell you some of my favorites. The good thing is, you don’t have to decide, one dish is 9€ which means you can try them all. I think around three dishes are advisable, four if you’re quite hungry.

The deal is the same as every year. You purchase credits onto your eat! Brussels card that you’ll receive at the venue and then go wild! The different restaurants are spread onto four different tents (A, B, C, D), so while looking for your favorite dish you also burn calories by walking around (not that anyone would care about this). For the wines you purchase a different card and receive a wine glass with it that you take with you the whole evening in a very convenient wine glass bag (a thing everyone should have in their wardrobe).

Make sure you try the freshly made ravioli from Racines (Tent C): Oh boy, imagine biting into a tender, but still firm piece of paper-thin pasta dough, filled with buffala ricotta, Sorrento lemons and served with zucchini and basil. Once you bite into it it’s just perfection, a flawless combination of tastes that melt in your mouth. Yes, that’s the Ravioli of Racines I’m talking about.

Don’t miss the signature steak tartare from Le Tournant (Tent D): Knife-cut into bigger pieces than the usual steak tartare, served with plenty mushrooms and some secret spices, this is an all-time favourite of mine.

Also try the 24-hour smoked pig, Brussels tomato chutney and Mozzarella di buffala by Garage a Manger (Tent D)  and Seino’s (Tent B) Kobu-jime salmon, yuzu ponzu, hijiki and vegetables. I have no idea what half of the words mean, but it was very good! I didn’t try the pork belly, deep fried octopus, sushi rice and Japanese gomae spinach at Rouge Tomate (Tent C), but Johan told me it was very recommendable.

Fancy a dessert? Nicolas Koulepis (Tent D) is the owner of a great new patisserie named the same that opened in Chatelain just some months ago and is also present at the food event. Not to miss!

I could continue dwelling in food memories, but I don’t want to tell you too much. That would be like spoiling the last episode of Game of Thrones, I guess (never watched it).



  • Address: Brussels Park opposite the Royal Palace
  • When: until 09.09.2018