Square Fernand Cocq: in the middle of a storm

In the framework of the works at the Chaussée d’Ixelles, the Brussels-Capital Region and Commune of Ixelles decided to cut-down 12 trees at the Fernand Cocq Square. This happened 3 days ago and was foreseen by the Commune of Ixelles.

The green Councillor Bertrand Wert, one of the voices against this project, captured the moment:

Quelques témoignages glanés ce matin suite à l’abattage des 12 arbres de la place #FernandCocq #Ixelles 😳😡😢 (Les personnes interviewées ont évidement donné leur accord pour la publication de leur témoignage)

Publié par Bertrand Wert sur jeudi 21 décembre 2017


“The Ixellois are shocked, disgusted and angry. And that’s normal! “, stated Audrey Lhoest, head of the group ECOLO and Ixelles resident.

Future Square Fernand Cocq

According to the Commune of Ixelles, the new square will have 984 m² of plant area – today’s double. Furthermore, 37 trees will be planted and 4 displaced within the project area.

This is how the new square will look like:

Fernand Cocq 1

Fernand Cocq 2Fernand Cocq 3