STIB Campaign: The tram always has priority!

Every day, hundreds of trams roam the streets of Brussels and cross cars, cyclists and pedestrians. For cohabitation to be at its best and because a tram does not stop as fast as a car, the STIB reminds all users that the tram always has priority.

But beware! The tram always has priority over all other road users, including pedestrians. So, before you cross the street, check that there is no no tram in sight.

Always be attentive. Citizens wearing headphones, or browsing their cell phones, or running to catch a bus, may not see the tram arriving. This is why the STIB launched the campaign “Le tram a toujours priorité”  to remind its passengers and other road users each year so that they will be more cautious and attentive when approaching a tram.

The tram always has priority. This rule of the highway code is explained because the tram is not a vehicle like the others.  The tram cannot be compared to a car because it rolls on rails with steel wheels and it is also much heavier. The grip of its wheels on the rails, when braking, is also less than that of wheeled vehicles, which means that its braking distance is greater.




The STIB writes:

For your safety, do not go through the doors when you hear the beep.

This signal announces the imminent closing of the doors.

It is forbidden to go up or down when the signal is working.

This is dangerous behavior as you may be trapped between doors and hurt yourself. Not to mention the damage if the vehicle starts when an object is stuck between the doors.



For more information, read the following document.