Strike: long queues at Brussels Airport and in highways due to thorough police controls meant as protest

On Friday October 12th, 2018, the police in Belgium is carrying out thorough security checks meant to be seen as a strike. This thorough controls are being conducted on the main Belgian roads but also at Brussels Airport, leading up to long queues and potential delays.

This symbolic strike of “thorough controls” is the result of a call to action by the joint effort of the SLFP-SNPS syndicates, as well as by the Christian Union.

The reason for the action: a general malaise within the police, a “fatigue” on the part of agents who are subjected to regular violence and who have the impression not to to be heard by the courts and the authorities.


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Violence against the police is cited as the main cause of distress, as well as the uncertainty about pensions or the recent project to review the system of disciplinary sanctions.

“We invited the police to conduct thorough security checks throughout the day,” said Vincent Gilles, president of the SLFP. The goal is to “give a symbolic powerful blow by doing the work properly, taking the time”, he explained.

The main areas of this action are located in and around Brussels, but also in cities such as Antwerp and Ghent.